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By Hello Beautiful

FROM GLAMOUR: You don’t have to look far to see how a new man will perform between the sheets. Sex therapist and author of Book of Love Laura Berman, Ph.D., decoded some of the most common boy behaviors to help you predict what he’ll be like in bed.

He Constantly Manscapes

Hair gel, lotion, brush, eye cream…if he uses any of these more often than you do, you can bet your next manicure that his vanity will extend from the bathroom to the bedroom. “If he’s always primping, he might be more self-absorbed sexually,” says Berman. “He could be the type that’s looking in the mirror instead of at you while having sex.”

He Eats Only Macho Meals

There’s nothing wrong with a beer guy, but if he refuses to order a dish that’s not labeled “meat,” then odds are he won’t attempt other things…like you on top. According to Berman, “He’s more narrow-minded about gender and may have deeper insecurities. He also might be more rigid about sexual positions he’s uncomfortable with.” If experimenting with food outside his comfort zone—or letting you take charge—challenge his masculine side, expect his missionary mentality to dominate both inside and outside the bedroom.

He’s His Own Boss

Forget Wall Street bankers or high-profile execs. The key to adventurous sex is entrepreneurs. “They’re leaders rather than followers,” says Berman. “Expect a risk-taker in bed.” Also, any man who isn’t afraid to try something new—whether it’s launching a business, skydiving or taking a wine class—will bring his sense of experimentation to your sex life.

He’s Addicted to Texting

It’s encouraging to see a guy who’s good with his hands, but not when they’re always attached to his phone. A higher connection to his phone means less of a connection to you, says Berman. “There’s an epidemic of soft addiction to our computing devices that absolutely gets in the way of intimacy.” The more time he’s texting, the less time he’s communicating with you. “If he’s always distracted with one toe in the cyber world, you’re going to have less satisfying sex.” READ THE REST HERE!

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