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Step 1

Love yourself. Insecurity breeds jealousy. When you don’t feel good about you, it’s hard to believe that someone else could. You project these doubts onto your partner, and then you become suspicious. Self-confidence is jealousy’s kryptonite.

  • Step 2

    Heal your wounds. If you have been abandoned or cheated on previously, then you may still be sore from the experience. Forgive and move on. Let go of the past before it ruins your relationship.

  • Step 3

    Trust yourself. Have confidence in your ability to choose a partner who wouldn’t deliberately hurt you. Have faith that you can handle whatever happens. Relationships involve risk. You may get hurt, but you’ll survive.

  • Step 4

    Stop comparing yourself to others. You’ll never feel like you measure up if you’re constantly picking yourself apart. There will always be someone with a bigger, better whatever. The sum total of who you are is what makes you special.

  • Step 5

    Focus on what is, and not what could be. Jealousy is often the fear of something that hasn’t even happened. You have no foundation for these thoughts other than your insecurities. Stay present in your relationship instead of worrying about hypothetical situations.

  • Step 6

    Trust your partner. If you constantly fear that your partner will leave or cheat, you will drive away the person you love. Jealousy makes you controlling and unattractive. Stop jealousy in your relationship by giving your mate the benefit of the doubt.

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