First, it was Gwnyth Paltrow with the candles..

Then Erykah Badu with the incense…

And now, an author and sexologist says she uses her “vagina juice” in order to attract men. Shan Boodran told Refinery 29 that she uses her “vagina fluids, especially around ovulation” as a pheromone to peak men’s interest. Boodran does not attest to the chemical science, but claims just the belief can boost your confidence and make you more desirable. The author does not recommend the technique if you have something like bacterial vaginosis. But, she says for the past ten years, the “love potion” has made her feel “like an enchanted goddess with a delicious secret.”

Is the whole sharing your body fluids with the world goin a ‘little too far?’ What are your thoughts?

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