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Snow is a celebration of life

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Have you stepped outside this week? Well if you have, then you know winter is approaching. The bitter chill weather can affect your skin and hair, causing severe dryness.

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In an article on Essence, Miko Branch–founder and CEO of Miss Jessie’s hair care products–shares her tips and tricks on how to treat your natural hair in the colder months for growth and overall healthier hair.

  1. Deep Conditioning and Deep Oil Treatments– Branch states that these two steps will help greatly with scalp and growth in the winter. “Deep conditioning is excellent for the strands. If you do condition and add a heat source, like a steam cap or even a heat cap, that’s going to help to open up the cuticles, so the deep conditioning treatment will penetrate your strands more effectively.”
  2. Trimming Your Ends– Branch recommends trimming your ends every 6 months if you are trying to grow your hair.
  3. Night-Time Styling– Branch suggests styling and moisturizing hair at night. She says, “Putting a plastic cap over the style will keep moisture in. And in the morning, depending on the richness and decadence of the product, your hair will be moisturized.”

For her product recommendations and more on this story, visit the Essence site here.

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