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In a story posted on Madame Noire, 10 black men were asked to share what marriage means to them and why they would want to get married. The men mentioned everything from commitment to having a lifetime partner as reasons. Some men also shared how they don’t necesarily deem marriage a better fit over being single. Here are a few quotes from the men:

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“I want to get married because I found someone I want to take care of, raise a family with and do everything with forever.”

“There are a few reasons why I would want to get married. The first one is the comfort factor. To know, trust and believe someone is with you and only you until “death do us part” is a very comforting feeling.”

“I think marriage is similar to working out in the gym. I want to be married one day because it is symbolic of being consistent and working towards something.”

If you are married, tell us what made you make that choice. If not, tell us why you would or would not get married.

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