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Something tells us the words that came out of the mouth of Jimmie “JJ” Walker about LeBron James, Keven Durant and Kyrie Irving are not going to go over well.

Walker told TMZ Sports that he’s not at all happy with certain NBA stars (James, Durant, Irving, etc.) who have the nerve to complain about life. They make topo much money to be unhappy. They shoul=d just shut the hell up.

“The thing that upsets me the most about NBA players is they’re so upset, they’re so angry,” the former “Good Times” star told the sports news outlet.

“Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant … what are you upset about? I’m happy if I’m making that kind of money! They’re always complaining.”

Walker, who’s been personally and professionally linked to conservative firebrand Ann Coulter, says NBA stars have lost touch with reality.

“They don’t understand what it’s like to be in real life. Real life is getting your own bags off the [luggage carousel]. No charters, no limos waiting for you … that’s what real life is about.”

Walker, 72, is obviously on the same page with Coulter and a number of other high profile conservatives like Laura Ingraham who also think that NBA stars are getting way too political.

“I think that when you’re making $150 million a year, people don’t want to hear your political views.”

“They should have NO political views. They should be very happy to say, ‘I’m doing good.’ Donate to charity, do your basketball charity benefits or whatever, but don’t put people down.”

“Just say, ‘I’m very fortunate to be here. I’m lucky and I’m very happy.’”

Said the man who condemns other high profile people for having political views while he himself publicly supports Donald Trump. Sounds like Jimmie “JJ” Walker is a hypocrite and is full of u-know-what.


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