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Twitter beef is all the rage among the artists of today. Many celebs have been using it to hash out their issues with fellow artists.

“Sure Thing” singer Miguel sparked Twitter beef flames when he tweeted that “imitation was the highest form of flattery” in reference to songbird Lloyd‘s new tattoo on the back of his head.

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When asked on the radio, Lloyd said Miguel’s comment was ‘peanuts to an elephant’ and he’ll see him when he sees him.” So who wants beef now? 

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We don’t know if Miguel wants beef with Lloyd, but obviously his tweet has started an R&B showdown. 

Most people only think about rappers beefing with each other, but R&B singers have a little trill pill inside them too. 

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When Chris Brown tweeted “I f— with Frank Ocean” and compared him to the likes of James FauntLeroy and Kevin Cossum, Frank Ocean took the comment as underhanded and sarcastic. Thus, an all out, short-lived, Twitter war began.


Trigga Trey once idolized the legendary R. Kelly, but when he felt Kellz could make better music, he called him out on the diss track “Death of Kellz.” Afterwards, R.Kelly referred to himself as a king and said he doesn’t get into challenges anymore.


Etta James is an icon that at one time Beyonce dreamed of working with. Playing the portrayal of Etta James in “Cadillac Records” was a dream come true for her, but when Beyonce and not Etta sung “At Last” for Barack Obama and his wife, Etta believed the young star may have taken it too far.


When Ciara went on Fashion Police and commented that Rihanna had not been very nice to her, Rihanna took to Twitter and implied that Ciara was a stripper. Rihanna then hit her in the jugular when she implied Ciara couldn’t book shows. They soon apologized and made up.

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