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Gemini season officially begins on Tuesday, May 21. According to astrologists, this season brings a sense of wonder, curiosity, and amusement to everyone, not just those with their birthdays over the next few weeks. The season is ruled by the chatty astrological Twins and may cause people of all zodiac signs to feel more inclined to keep busy with exploring new ideas and thoughts.

In astrology, the term “season” refers to the 30-day period the sun spends visiting a zodiac sign. During this time, the essence of that particular sign will have a major influence on everyone, regardless of which Sun sign a person belongs to. This brings us to the season of the Gemini, which is simultaneously the best and the worst sign we can all be ruled by.

There’s really no denying that Geminis catch more heat then any other sign–but it’s not without good reason. People will crack jokes about Geminis all year round, but now, with their season in full swing, the tweets about the twins and their many…unique…traits are around every corner.

If you don’t personally know anyone who falls under this particular astrological sign, let’s look at a few celebrities who might be able to help you get a good understanding of what they’re all about.

Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Tupac, and Andre 3000 are all Geminis–so does that mean there’s something about these next 4 weeks that brings out some really amazing rapping? Well, probably not, but a lot of their traits lend themselves to things that are perfect for getting into entertainment like being creative, loving to talk a lot, and wanting to entertain large groups of people.

With such incredible artists representing the Geminis, you might be wondering why they catch such a bad rap. Like we mentioned before, Geminis are represented by The Twins, and that causes some issues among Geminis and those around them.

Here’s how explains their ever-changing personalities: “The Gemini-born can easily see both sides of an issue, a wonderfully practical quality. Less practical is the fact that you’re not sure which Twin will show up half the time. Geminis may not know who’s showing up either, which can prompt others to consider them fickle and restless. They can be wishy-washy, too, changing their mood on a simple whim.”

But enough explanation, let’s get to the jokes.

Here’s some of the funniest tweets about Geminis in honor of their season starting:

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