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Trump used his speech at a campaign rally in Tennessee on Monday (Oct. 1) as an opportunity to plug Andrew Jackson staying on the $20 bill—despite Barack Obama‘s strong effort to put Harriet Tubman on it. He expressed the same resistance to Obama’s proposal as he had during his 2016 campaign.

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“Andrew Jackson, who continues to be on the $20 bill, you know that,” Yahoo reported Trump said. “I’m a big Andrew Jackson fan.”

However, the president’s opposition to the revamped $20 bill hasn’t stopped people from supporting Tubman’s face on the bill.

The African-American icon, who ran the Underground Railroad that helped Southern slaves escape to freedom, deserves the honor, Obama and other supporters have said. A revamped $20 bill with Tubman would make her the first African-American to be represented on U.S. currency. The potential change would be unprecedented and have significant historical value.

Trump-appointed Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has been vague about when a makeover of the bill could happen. “Ultimately we will be looking at this issue,” Mnuchin said in an interview with CNBC last year. “It’s not something I’m focused on at the moment.

As Trump or Mnuchin dodge talking about Tubman, supporters will likely continue to press the issue.


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