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Interestingly enough, we were just speaking about Macy Gray in the office, in our discussion about celebrity ages. And we talked about the youthful energy she possesses. Her playfulness was on full display when she sat down with Wendy Williams to discuss a slew of random topics that ended up turning into a delightful interview. Check out the highlights, including how she got her name, what type of mother she is and her love of penis.

Where she got the name Macy Gray

So, I’m little. I think I was eight. And I was riding my bike in my street and I fell. And I look up and the mailbox said Macy Gray. So, you know when you’re in school and you have to make up stories? All of my characters were Macy Gray. And then when I got in a band, I named the band Macy Gray. And then I went on my own and I named myself Macy Gray.

Her children

They’re pretend adults. Who names 20-year-olds adults? I just need that to be taken back. My youngest actually moved out. My youngest lives here and my two older ones, they’re 21 and 22, they live in L.A.

What kind of mother she is?

When they get mad at me, they say, ‘Ok, Macy.’ It’s pretty funny.

The drug use

That’s controversial because what is a drug? I love this couch. I never really liked hash. I was a very late bloomer. I got straight As as a kid. I didn’t go out. My mother would not let me go on a date. So when I got to college, I just lost my mind. I went to USC. I didn’t even really know. My cousins would come over and smoke me out and it didn’t do anything. So I thought it was stupid but then my best friend showed me the proper way to smoke.

I’m not a big weed smoker, it really dries my voice out. I like it…

For the ladies, great kush is excellent for your cramps. Better than Midol, all that stuff. It’ll cure ‘em.


I don’t have one at the moment. Danggit. I’m so busy though. Because men require a lot of attention. Like people say women are high maintenance, what’s more high maintenance than a man.

Turning down ‘I Kissed a Girl”

They sent it to me.

Does she regret passing?

Not really. It didn’t sound like Katy Perry. It was a much different song.

Have you ever kissed a girl?

Yeah, of course. I like penis, that’s my problem but girls are really good kissers.

They just can’t finish you off the way you’d like.

You can watch her full interview with Wendy in the video below.


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