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The 11-year-old who was tased in the back by a Cincinnati police officer who assumed she was shoplifting will no longer face charges.

Mayor John Cranley announced on Wednesday that the charges of theft and obstructing official business were dropped at his request, reports  Fox19.

“Tasing an 11-year old who posed no danger to the police is wrong. I’m sorry for the harm to her and her family,” the mayor said in a statement late Wednesday, according to Fox19. “This evening I called and asked Prosecutor Deters to drop charges against the girl. I’m happy to report that he did.”

On Monday evening the little girl was in a Kroger grocery store with other kids who dared her to steal. The girl admitted that she put soda, chips and candy in her backpack and walked out of the grocery store, that’s when she caught the officer’s eye.

“They bet me to walk out, so I walked out. The officer told me to stop, but I kept going,” the child told WLWT.

The little girl said she ignored the officer, “Because I was scared.”

“It hit my back real fast and then I stopped, then I fell and I was shaking and I couldn’t really breathe,” the girl told NBC News alongside her mother. “It’s just like you’re passing out but you’re shaking.”

Cincinnati police policy allows children as young as 7 to be tased. Donna Gowdy, the child’s mother, is now demanding that the age be raised.

“I’m not saying what she did was cool, I’m not saying that, but what he did was totally wrong,” Gowdy added to NBC News. “Whoever thought of these rules needs to step back and think. I’m not just worried about my own [child]. I’m not trying to see any kid get done like that.”




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