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  1. He talks about his ex-girlfriend/wife A Lot

  2. His work schedule doesn’t permit time—he’s just too busy

  3. He travels a great deal (personal and professional)—never asking you to join

  4. He’s strategic about when he calls/text messages

  5. He has no interest in meeting your friends

  6. He adds more activities to his already busy life

  7. Expects you to split the cost, pick up the tab, or will complain when he pays for dates (during the courting stages, very uncool)

  8. He never plans trips/romantic getaways with you

  9. He avoids spending holidays with you

  10. You only communicate through text messages

  11. He hasn’t introduced you to his friends

  12. You hang out together only at odd hours

  13. He never makes plans to see you, it’s usually random

  14. Most or all dates are during the day or late night versus early evenings

  15. Doesn’t open up about his past

  16. He has no problem checking his email or answering his phone often, versus keeping his attention on you

  17. Doesn’t give compliments

  18. Uncomfortable with any form of PDA (public displays of affection)—he will only kiss you in private

  19. You do the same thing when you go out—not much effort in his planning

  20. You’ve never been to his house

  21. He never picks you up for dates

  22. He never comes to your place

  23. Never makes plans to see you on a weekend night

  24. He doesn’t ask questions about your family or past, and never speaks of the future

  25. He doesn’t invite you along on his plans