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  • Look in her eyes and just listen.
  • Remember your wife is God’s gift to you. Thank Him for her and tell her you did so.
  • Each day in the rest of the month leave her a Hershey’s kiss where she’ll be sure to find it. Ask her to save the paper flags in a jar and redeem them for actual kisses.
  • Using dry erase markers, leave a note to your sweetie on the bathroom mirror.
  • Compliment your wife in front of others – especially your kids. You may be the only one in her life who’s doing it!
  • Write out your wedding vows on a small card and sign your name to them. Put the card somewhere she will see every day.
  • Hold her hand whenever you’re in public together.
  • Women view romance differently from men. Ask your wife to describe what’s romantic to her. Don’t be surprised when her ideas sound very different from yours.
  • Snuggle (just snuggle!) in bed and tell her all the things you admire about her.
  • When you see your wife after work, kiss her. Not just a peck on the cheek. Really kiss her.
  • Find the book your wife is reading and leave some encouraging notes in it every 20 pages or so.
  • Make foreplay the focus. Focus on her: Play with her hair, caress her face, and gently stroke her arms and legs. Let things build slowly.
  • Make a stop on your way home from work and pick up that special treat your wife just loves.
  • Bathe the kids. Clean the kitchen. Fold the laundry. Make the bed. Do whatever she normally does. Tell her to relax.

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