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1. Ask him to flex his muscles so you can feel them.

Tell him he’s handsome. Gorgeous. Irresistible. Tell him how sexy his body (or a specific part of his body) is to you.

2. Brag about him to other people (even when he’s not there).

Showcase his accomplishments to your friends.

3. Ask him to get you things that are out of your reach, or to carry heavy things for you.

Let him open that jar, wrestle that flat tire off, pump your gas, and walk you to your car in a dark parking lot. Let him be manly, and do manly things for you even if he’s a skinny, geeky, non-athletic type. He’s still a man!

4. Invite him to explain something to you.

Choose a passion of his and ask him about it. Math, soccer, radio waves, cars, how they get those ships into those bottles… What hobbies and interests does he have? Ask about them.

5. Stroke his (ahem!) ego in the bedroom.

Let him know what things he does arouse you, what things you can’t stop thinking about, even long after those sweaty, smoking-hot sheets have been changed. 🙂

6. Ask for his advice when you face challenges.

Listen deeply. Consider his ideas and opinions without forcing him to “make your decisions for you.” And thank him for his input.

7. Tell him you’re incredibly proud of him.

Every man wants to feel like he’s appreciated for the good things he does.

8. Laugh at his jokes.

Even the awful groaners. Let him know you enjoy his humor.

9. Never expect him to read your mind.


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