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North american mixed-race couple in the kitchen

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#1 Have empathy. For some reason, people find is difficult to show empathy. I find this quite odd, actually. But it’s true. Empathy is the ability to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and really, truly care about how they feel about something. It’s seeing the world from their perspective.

#2 Care about her needs. This goes hand-in-hand with having empathy. If she really, really wants to get a “good morning” and a “good night” text every day, well, just do it.

#3 Do nice things for her.

#4 Listen to her.

#5 Pay for things.

#6 Communicate with her. If something is bothering you, then talk to her. Even if it’s something at work that’s bugging you *but it’s affecting your behavior toward her*, let her know.

#7 Keep in touch with her.

#8 Give her space… if she wants it.

#9 Speak to her – and treat her – with respect.

#10 Compromise and fight fairly. As I said earlier, every relationship comes with disagreements. But you can’t let the disagreements break your relationship. You have to think about conflict as if you are a team.

#11 Don’t be selfish or lazy. 

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