Man serving breakfast in bed to sleeping woman

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I want to make you feel good.

Simple, yet effective. A wonderful way to relax her and reassure her that she made the right decision going to bed with you. Drop this one right before or during foreplay for maximum effect.

I love the sounds you make when you orgasm.

If you know your girl well and know that she does, indeed, orgasm, then this one is for you. And sometimes, even if she does orgasm, a woman feels awkward being vocal during sex. But most of us like a loud woman in bed, because it helps us to know when you’re pleasing her. So you can encourage her to turn up the volume by telling her how much you enjoy it.

You have such (a) hot [insert body part]

Pick a favorite body part to mention, but make it one you know she’s proud of. That way, there’s no controversy. Women are notorious for being sensitive to clumsy compliments about their bodies, so tread carefully.

I love the way you taste. I could stay down here for hours.

What are you imagining right now.

This feels so good. I love it when you [insert action here]


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