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Here are some keys to a healthy relationship:

Open Communication

Communication is a huge part of all relationships. It’s important to be able to express how you feel and listen to the other person.

Trust & Support

Being able to rely on someone else can make you feel safe and secure in your relationship. It’s knowing someone has your back and best intentions. You expect them to be honest and they don’t let you down.


Relationships shouldn’t be one sided. Each person should be willing to compromise and listen to the other person. Your opinion matters, and so does your partner’s.


You might spend a lot of time with your partner, but you also need your space. Both people should be able to have their own hobbies, likes, and outside friends. Always be yourself, and know that you have the right to be free!


Creating boundaries is another key to a healthy relationship. Each person has a right to decide what they are okay with. This includes physical stuff, how often you talk to your partners, and even your social media passwords. If you don’t like it when your partner texts and calls too much or doesn’t give you alone time, you have the right to speak up!