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1. He Calls for no Reason

If your guy’s really into you, he doesn’t wait five days after a date to call you.

2. He Actively Seeks out your Company

Not only does your guy call if he’s really into you, but he also makes an effort to see you regularly.

3. He Makes Time for you in his Life

4. His Friends know about You

5. He Takes the Time to get to know your Friends

6. He Maintains eye Contact

When you’re with your sweetie, a sure sign that he’s into you is his ability to comfortably make and maintain eye contact. If a guy has ulterior motives or just isn’t interested in who you really are, he won’t bother looking you in the eye. So if your cutie catches and keeps your gaze, smile and return his gaze, enjoying the fact that he’s really into you.

7. He Leans in when you’re Talking

Not only will your man maintain eye contact if he’s into you, but his body language will be equally telling. If he leans in when you talk, keeps his torso facing you, maintains eye contact, and doesn’t cross his arms and legs defensively, he’s showing you his emotional availability and interest through his body. Be sure to practice the same kind of physical communication with your own body language.

8. He Listens

9. He Regularly Touches You

10. He Takes an Interest in your Interests