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Kissing is good for your relationship, but you may wonder if it does your body any good. Stop wondering. Giving your lips a good workout apparently is okay for the rest of you as well: Kissing burns calories.

Going in Style

Like so many things in life, the value of kissing – in terms of calories expended – is a matter of how you do it. If you give a passive smooch, you’ll have less effect on calories burned, and probably less effect on your partner as well. Inject some passion in your kiss and get your body into the act and you will burn more calories

Stand and Deliver

You’ll burn more calories standing than sitting, and more moving than still.


Oxygen consumption is the key to burning calories, according to University of New Mexico. If you get to the point where you are breathing heavy because of your kissing, you are burning more calories.

The Long Kiss Goodnight

A vigorous kiss that involves some petting could burn as many as 90 calories per hour, reports, a figure that computes to 1.5 calories per minute. The IndiaTimes website suggests that kissing can burn 120 calories per hour, which amounts to 2 calories per minute. You probably won’t drop pounds just by kissing, but it won’t hurt either.

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