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Premiere Of HBO's 'Insecure' - Arrivals

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Tonight’s episode of Insecure is all about the womps, mostly. It starts with Issa linking up with her girls, Molly and Kelli, to head to “Kiss n Grind,” a party where singles are supposed to mingle. Issa is still tryna be in her heaux phase and still hasn’t realized she’s about that life. Whatever. Daniel is back. That becomes evident when Issa sees him at the party from across the room. She freaks out at first, but decides to be a big girl and talk to him. That conversation is awkward, of course, especially when she brings up that thing between them that lead to her breakup with Lawrence. When that awkward convo is finally over, Issa decides to meet up with a Tinder boo for the first time (still at Kiss n Grind), and that’s awkward too. He basically shades the life out of her by making little comments about her hair and her voice.

Womp womp.

In Lawrence World, he ends up at a supermarket where he forgot his wallet and these two Darth Beckies behind him are kind enough to get the tab. They follow him to the parking lot, because they’re obviously attracted to him. The eyes they’re giving him is a dead giveaway, but it because especially apparent when they note that he looks like “Craig.” Hmmm. Anyway, they even convince Lawrence not to go kick it with his boys like he initially intended to do. You know where this is going, right?

Molly is faring well at the Kiss n Grind at first. She meets up with Dro, her ex, who is married, by the way, and they start chatting. The vibe seems cool and innocent-ish until they start grinding to Juvenile’s “Slow Motion.” Molly cuts it short when she realizes what’s happening, because the grinding was a little too hot and heavy. Dro informs her that there’s nothing wrong with this because he and his wife are…”open.”

Open. Marriage. You know Milly isn’t about that life.

Womp womp.

Back to Lawrence. That supermarket situation with the Beckies led to a threesome and there’s more. They fetishized him. Basically, he finished with one and couldn’t get it up with the other so they got pissed and start talking about how they’ve been with a bunch of other black guys who could finish and keep going with no problem. Then they decide to go somewhere else to pick up another guy, but not before snorting a few lines of coke.


Womp womp.

Later one, he finds himself parked outside of Issa’s apartment while lying to Chad over the phone about how dope his tryst was. He never goes into the apartment, but you can clearly see that he’s broken. Lawrence, fix your life.


Molly and Issa don’t have luck at the Kiss n Grind, but Kelli does. As a matter of fact, her guy invites them out for a night cap so they all go grab some grub. Issa and Molly are third and fourth-wheeling it and things get super weird when Kelli and her boy toy start acting odd mid-conversation. Basically Kelli is getting fingered under the table. Meanwhile, Daniel is also at the spot. He’s sitting at a table across from where Issa is sitting and peeps this whole situation. He’s cracking up as he texts Issa wtf is happening? Issa laughs at the situation to, but she’s also flustered so she joins Daniel and the episode ends.


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