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The saying “All Lives Matter” has been a hot topic issue since the day it was first said and posted on social media. Over the last year, we have seen various celebrities, either use the saying or ignore it.

The latest celebrity to speak on it, is Laila Ali, who took to Facebook on to speak on where she stands in regards to the issue of protests and injustice in the nation.

What brought this new statement on?

Well, back in August she appeared on “Huffington Post Live” and during her interview she spoke she on how Black Lives Matter is separating Americans, not bringing them together and went on to say “All Lives Matter.”

I don’t ever like to make people feel separate.

By me not posting, it doesn’t mean that black lives don’t matter. To me, it’s obvious that black lives matter. And then… I’m like, what is posting going to do? What is speaking out going to do?

“The last thing I think really upset people was when I said that to me, Black lives matter, White lives matter, Asian lives matter, all lives matter. That’s what my focus is. I didn’t mean that I’m a part of any movement. I just simply meant that I care about all people.”

In her video she posted on Facebook, she first made it clear that her original interview with Huffington Post was 29 min but when they posted it, it was cut down to a 5:40 sec clip. Not to mention, they gave very misleading and inaccurate title. From there, she also made her position on BLM very clear as well.

“I wasn’t saying that you don’t say anything, that you don’t take a stand. I’m saying that you have to be responsible in the choice of words. How you go about doing things,” she defended in her video.

Watch Laila Ali’s full video response above.

SOURCE: “Huffington Post Live”  Facebook | IMAGE CREDIT: Getty

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