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We hope everyone has had a relaxing weekend and you’re refreshed for the upcoming workweek. It’s a blessing to share Sunday nights with you and we’re looking forward to all this week brings.You just heard some of your favorite Kem jams in honor of his belated birthday on the Summer Mini Concert Series. Be on the lookout for more features later in the week.

Next up we’ve got the nightly scenario. If you’d like to get some advice from your fellow ‪#‎Lovers, inbox us your scenario and we’ll help you make the best decision. Right about now you can call 844-258-8762  to share your advice for tonight’s ‪#‎OHSOREALScenario:

Julissa 36 is a single mother of two 2 teenage sons aged 13 and 16 who do not have the same father. She is a single mother and admits her boys need strong male figures in their lives now more than ever. She cannot afford to put them in a day program so the boys are at home while she works 10 hour shifts. With all that has been happening lately, Julissa is concerned that her boys could get in trouble or be profiled since they live in a poor area of town.

She doesn’t feel comfortable leaving them at home during the summer while she works so she recently asked both fathers to take the boys for the summer. The youngest child’s father says he is not able to look after their son because he is a truck driver and is gone most of the time. The oldest child’s father says he will take their 16-year-old for the rest of the summer, however Julissa is worried that her youngest will feel unloved while at home alone. She is wondering what is the best thing to do for everyone in the situation? Should Julissa allow her oldest son to stay with his father while the youngest remains at home for the summer or should she let both stay at home alone? What would you suggest?

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