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Social media blasted Wendy Williams for her comments about Jesse Williams‘ BET Black Lives Matter speech, HBCUs, and the NAACP after a clip from her show went viral this week.

During Thursday’s edition of NewsOne Now, Roland Martin decided to educate the talk show host on the topics that have caused so many to raise their voices against her, and implored her to leave certain issues alone.

Martin began by detailing the origins of the NAACP, citing that the historic organization was founded by both Blacks and Whites. The NewsOne Now host also stated the first president of the NAACP was White.

Martin continued his masterclass session, explaining the NAACP was born out of the Niagara Movement and then said, “If you bothered to read something, you would realize that.”

He later added, “White folks have always been members of the NAACP – always.”

Martin then turned his attention to Williams’ remarks about HBCUs and said, “Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Wendy, was a federal designation given in 1965 to recognize these historical universities.”

He continued, “One of the reasons why you don’t have historically White universities is simply because we call them universities.

“The fact of the matter is, if you move around the country, you will see universities that are seventy, eighty percent, ninety, ninety-five percent White,” said Martin. “We live in a world where, frankly, we have [things] set apart if you’re Black.”

As he continued to explain the nuances of race to Williams, Martin said, “You’ve never heard somebody say Hillary Clinton met with a group of White pastors. No, because they simply say pastors, but they’ll say she met with Black pastors.”

“What is mainstream has always been White in America,” said Martin. He then added, “You should know that, right? Because you do know that for your show, you do know that you go to Black ad agencies, which are different from ad agencies.”

Martin expounded upon his explanation of the separation race invokes in our society in terms that the talk show host could definitely relate to: “Your ratings, they separate your Black female viewers from female viewers.” 

As Martin wrapped up his lesson tailor-made for Wendy Williams, he said, “If you actually bothered to read a book and not gossip magazines, you might know these things.”

Taking it a step further, Martin said, “When you’re on TV and you have no idea what you are talking about, shut the hell up, don’t open your mouth, don’t embarrass yourself, because you sound silly.”

Watch Roland Martin’s response to Wendy Williams in its entirety in the video clip above.


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