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Large breasts.

If you have them, you know it can be like carrying a small child on your chest…literally. So as the weather gets warmer, and the clothing gets skimpier, we help you make it through summer.

Don’t look like a boob at work.

On the hottest days of Summer, don’t you wish you could just be naked to beat the heat? But you can’t, because you have to go to work, and unless you are a stripper, clothing is not optional.

If you got big jugs, then you have to learn the art of balance. To balance out your large chest, try wearing wide leg pants or a-line skirts. This will help proportion your entire body. Also, wear styles that flatter larger chests. While you think that a crew neck might “hide,” your chest, you should go for looks that compliment your decolletage. Sweetheart necklines and v-neck shirts will compliment your cleavage not look like you have something to hide.

It’s what’s underneath that matters.

You need to have a well-fitting bra. If your bra does not fit well, your boobs will suffer. Fin. You should have no “spillage” from the side and if you can stick your hand comfortably in your bra, then it’s too big. Go get yourself professionally fitted to know what size you really wear.

Mind your posture.

Don’t slouch! You might be slouching because your boobs are heavy that they hurt your back (or that you are trying to hide your boobs). Stop! Stand up straight and be proud! If you have serious back pain, look into getting a reduction. It can be covered under many insurance policies, depending on the size of your breasts.

Baby powder

If there is a day you have to wear a heavier blazer or can’t wear something light, place baby powder on your body, including in your bra. Yes, you might look like a newborn underneath; however, baby powder will keep you cool. Sweaty boobs, no more!

Big breasted women: if you have additional tips, please share!


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