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An old fashioned lynching or youthful mishap? When a 12-year-old girl returned home from a school-sponsored weekend camping trip with rope burns that had torn apart her neck, her mother was shocked, but didn’t stand still.

This enraged mom is now preparing to sue the private Waco, Texas school that her daughter attends.

The girl’s mother, Sandy Rougely, told The Dallas Morning News, “It looked like somebody had ripped her neck apart and stitched it back together.”

Rougely, who was not notified of the injury, told the paper she took her daughter to the emergency room when she saw her daughter’s neck. In addition to the pain from the wound, the girl complained of both neck and shoulder pain so the hospital performed a CT scan and a doctor prescribed a prescription antibiotic ointment, an inhaler and ibuprofen for pain.

The Waco police were also called in this incident. They responded, processed the complaint and took pictures.

Her daughter is a sixth grader at Live Oak Classical School. She was one of two black students on the trip.

The lawsuit will allege that the girl was the victim of racially-motivated bullying by her sixth grade classmates that had gone on for months and that white students placed a rope around the girl’s neck as the youngsters played during the campout trip on April 28 at a ranch.

Rougely showed the newspaper a series of email exchanges between herself and the school’s dean regarding the alleged bullying.

The school released a statement to the newspaper that said the girl’s injuries were “caused accidentally” while the students — eight girls and 14 boys — were playing with a rope swing attached to a tree.  A school trustee Jeremy Counseller also in a statement to the newspaper said the girl was injured accidentally by a rope swing and accused Rougely’s attorney of exploiting the accident for financial gain.

The attorney demanded immediate payment for damages with what appeared to be a threat to take the incident public if the school did not comply. They did not comply.

The attorney plans to move forward with the suit this week, leaving the damages to a jury to determine.

To see the student’s rope burn injuries and read more about this case of racial attack or accident, click HERE.


Source: The Dallas Morning News

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