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Can we please talk about Katt Williams?

I’m seriously worried about him.

He’s barely out of jail and appears to be already spiraling out of control once again.

Video of a fight that he appears to have started by punching someone in the face just a few days ago has already gone viral.

“You know what you’re doing.”

That fight my friends, was with a 7th grader in middle school who was on recess from class– a 7th grader who had no problem holding his own against a seemingly unstable 42-year old man.

In a second video posted on Facebook you can see the kid jump on Williams and put him in a chokehold while rolling around in the grass!

What’s not clear is what caused the scuffle to escalate, but it ends with other kids surrounding and pleading with the 7th grader to get off Williams.

“Stop, chill man. Luke get off him man.”

Katt was reportedly handing out cash in an Atlanta housing community when that happened.

You would have think he would have learned his lesson because Katt had just been in the news two weeks earlier for running up on stage at a Philadelphia rap show and sucker punching someone.

Well, rappers have entourages who are pretty good at beat downs, and according to the video on TMZ, that’s exactly what he got, a beat down.

Days before that Kattt Williams jailed on drugs, firearms and assault charges

He’s been accused of: punching a store clerk, holding a group of women up at gun point and threatening to kill one of his bodyguards.

That was only in the last month!

We all know that stunts like this have been happing for what seems like years now.

So, the question is, what is on with Katt Williams?

Why is he running around picking fights with random people?

Why is he hanging out with school kids at recess?

Is it a cry for help?

I don’t know what it is, but as he left jail last week in Atlanta, Williams told reporters that police have been zeroing in on him for one reason only.

Katt Williams: “I’ve been famous for 20 years and you don’t get to take the blessings and the perks of it and then complain that fact that you don’t get to go anywhere unnoticed. It makes you a target. And if you’re a white celebrity then they say it’s swatting and they don’t let it happen. If you’re a black celebrity they haven’t invented the word yet, but hopefully they will.”

I think there are at least a couple of words already in existence for it, and I think the TJMS audience is quite capable of coming up with a few themselves.

The don’t need any help from me.

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