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Gilbert Arenas & Gloria Govan

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Gilbert Arenas took to Instagram to advice the WNBA on how to boost their attendance rate.

Because they were begging for his help. smh. 

The NBA basketball player & ex-fiancee of ‘Basketball Wives: LA’ reality star Laura Govanis well known for his demeaning antics.

His unsolicited advice ended up being, well, level 10 on the fuck boy meter:

“NOW this is what america was hoping for when they announced the #WNBA back in 1996… not a bunch of chicks running around looking like, cast members from #orangeisthenewblack…dont get me wrong,they have few #cutiepies but theres a whole alotta #beanpies running around hahahahahaha if #skylardiggins came out like this, I dont care if she missed every layup..imma buy season tickets and I dont even know where the [expletive] #tulsa is hahahaha #2016newwnbaoutfitPLS and if u think this is sexist,9 times out of 10 u the ugly one and we didnt pay to come see u play anyway #donkeykong …smdh #thiswillbeawesome #soldouteverywhere”

That’s right, tell a group of professional athletes that the best way to fill their stadiums is to show their asses.

His disgusting comments reduce talented, dedicated athletes to eye candy. As if the idea women could be good for anything else is so outdated.

This isn’t the first time Arenas has been disrespectful when it comes to the women. It was public knowledge that his split with ex Laura Govan was less than amicable, with their feuding about property and their kids reaching the height of public messiness.

So we aren’t surprised that his petty parade has ventured into the arenas of the WNBA.

I believe what America intended when they created the league was to provide a space for women to compete against one another on a platform worthy of their skills. For an 18-year-old baller, her basketball life no longer ends at high school graduation or overseas.

She can play, at home, on the level she deserves.

Gilbert quickly tried to backtrack on his sexist comments by saying… he’s not sexist.

He tried to justify his rant by saying the problem with WNBA jerseys is that they are the same as the NBA’s uniforms. So men, who are the large majority of the sports viewing population, won’t pay to watch the women play because they don’t have breasts or thighs to look at:

Ppl act like I said some shit thats just down right sexist and rude…..str8 men are attracted to women RIGHT? Men are 80 percent of sportviewers RIGHT? So lets name a few women sports,that still attract the men viewers…#Tennis,omg they were short skirts like female..#trackandfield,short tights and crop tops,so we can see abs "we get ass prints and stomachs,in that sport YAY"#volleyball,short tights and booties hanging out the back off their shorts "FUCK wheres my beer" #beachvollyball,fyckn swimsuits,jumping up and down WOW..#arenafootball theres nothing attractive about a women playing #FOOTBALL until they came out with the gear (no they didnt)"girls running each other over with 90 percent of their clothes removed..whos the mastermind behind this #sexist sport he or she needs a fucking statue..#UFC the manliest sport by far but they seem to attract men viewers by the million OMG it must be the tights and the crop tops and just maybeeeee a fighter gets hit so hard her sports bra falls off hahaha….ALL ABOVE SPORTS seems to understand the concept…..#Basketball has the lowest views by men BECUZ their mimicking MEN #Basketballchicks has some of the best bodies in women sports #Lesbians or #str8 we can give two shits about what they prefer in the bedroom becuz men prefer #assandtitties and last time I checked theres 20 total titties and 10 asses running around but for some odd reason were not getting it..what were getting is #tats #dreads #highsocks #baggyshorts #elbowpads..sounds like MEN attire to me..this sport will continue to be less viewed and under paid compared to other female sports #presidentLAURELRICHIE theres a reason 7 out of the top 10 highest paid women athletes come from tennis #Skirts and #ass…..if the #NBA got rid of the thug imagine for global viewing SHOULDNT you?? I dont care if u dont like the truth becuz MEN DON'T WANNA WATCH WOMEN ACT LIKE MEN..if they came out with an all #gay man sport..I bet they will wear less clothes then the #WNBA and thats a #FACT lol NOW GIVE US WHAT WE WANT and unveil them bodies…SEXINESS RUNS THIS WORLD…if ur selling sex,MEN are buying…ive never seen a man hooker trying to pick up women on the corner

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Way to reduce men to simpletons that need skin to enjoy athletic achievement from women.

3-time WNBA champion, Swin Cash, wasn’t here for even giving this troll the light of attention, he clearly so desperately craves:


#Teambeautiful agrees with her. Which is why we aren’t going to devote another word to his madness.

*Drops Mic*


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