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Dear Tom,

We were born up in Washington (home of the Seahawks not the Washington Football Team).  My mom moved up from New Orleans to study nursing at university of Washington in Tacoma.  She met a guy and they were married until 2008.  After being up there for 13 years, she moved back to New Orleans.

Her family was there to help her with being a single mom after her divorce.  She got a job at east Jefferson general hospital but now works as a PRN because the hours are more flexible.   My mom is also getting ready to go back to school and get a degree in health care administration.

She helps her family out, too – her sister, cousins & aunt have jobs and kids so she helps them out by dropping them off at school then picks them up and helps them with their homework after school.

My mom used to be a fashionista – until my sister and I became fashionistas.  She still looks pretty when she dresses up but she wears scrubs most of the time.

If you can bless my mom with a gift card, she can go shopping for new clothes and have a night on the town with her cousin.  She is a big fan of Mr. Ice cube and really wants to go see “Straight Outta Compton” – but they can’t go see it with us kids around.

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