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Dear Tom,

My mom was a construction worker who operated heavy machinery.  She built things all over Miami working long hours during the day in the Florida heat.  I remember her coming home to sleep a few hours before going back to work the overnight shift because it paid more.  She did what she had to do raising 2 girls and a boy as a single mom.

We are currently 35, 26 & 27.  Once we were all grown up, my mom met a great man at her church – the deacon!  They got married and decided to have a baby together.  My mom kept working construction until her 7th month of pregnancy.

But after giving birth to her son in 2004, she was diagnosed with a heart condition and had to quit construction work for something less strenuous.  She has since recovered and works as a day shift security guard.  It gives her time to raise my baby brother.  She has also taken on the duty of raising my little sisters daughters (ages 7 & 11) as if they were her own.

My mom loves to volunteer at our church.  She teaches Sunday school, drives in the motor pool and helps the custodians keep the church looking spic & span.  Last weekend, she organized a “rock da block back-to-school book bag drive” giving away 300 book bags

Her birthday was just yesterday (august 26th) and has to work but she plans on having a great weekend.  She drives a ford explorer and she needs new tires.

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