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It’s like every time we turn on the news or log online we’re hearing about another unarmed Black person being killed by police, people dying in police custody, bigotry, hate, and generally nothing but negativity. It gets sickening after a while, and can definitely start to take its toll on our mental and physical health, so we want to make sure that people are taking better care of themselves.

We’re all aware that self care is a necessity, but by actively participating in #SelfCareSaturday, we can make sure that we at least take one day to really be on top of taking care of ourselves, and releasing stress. Here are 8 things you can do to make sure you relax and unwind this weekend.

Stay Off Social Media

Consider this mandatory task number one, especially for people who work in jobs that require them to heavily monitor social media activity! Stay off at least for one day. If you can’t swing the whole day, then set a block of time where you are not trolling Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Social media can be used for good, but it can often be a bastion of negativity, and sometimes it can make people feel inadequate because they’re busy comparing their lives to someone else’s. So, yeah, stay off.

Get a Massage

Massages don’t have to be expensive, especially if you live in a big city. Look for $40 massages near your area, and you might be surprised by how many places pop up. Find a clean place with efficient service,  and you will walk out feeling relaxed, and with a clearer mind.

Go to the Park

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As simple is it may sound, not enough of us appreciate the beauty of our local parks. Take a hike, feed some ducks, sit on a bench and take in the air, or people watch. You may even get the jolt of inspiration you’ve been searching for, or didn’t even know you needed.

Start Reading a New Book For Fun

You don’t always have to read for enrichment. Sometimes that juicy hood novel, or that selasious romance novel is just enough. Pick up a quick read for a little weekend escapism.

Hang Out With Someone Who Makes You Laugh

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Whether it’s brunch with your girls, or even a Skype session with a friend or relative you love, make sure  you log some time with someone who allows you to be your authentic self and that you have fun with. Laughter is seriously good for the soul, and for easing stress.

Do Something That Reminds You of Childhood

Adults often forget what those carefree days of childhood felt like. It’s easy to forget when you have a ton of other things to worry about like, bills, layoffs, family, etc.But at least take a few hours to do something like go to the skating rink, jump double dutch, color (seriously), watching Jem and the Holograms on Netflix, or whatever it is that reminds you of something you enjoyed as a kid.

Listen to a Good Album

Good music can work wonders for lifting your spirits and vibrations. Um, hello, Jill Scott just dropped Woman, and it’s really good. Also check out Lianne La Havas’ Blood, which is another winner. If those genres aren’t for you, then find a never fail throwback classic that you love and put it on repeat!

Write Down 5 Things You Love About Yourself

Have you told yourself how fly you are lately? Even if you have, think of four more qualities about yourself that you love. They can be physical, about your personality, or even related to a recent victory big or small.

Now go and enjoy your #SelfCareSaturday. Report back to us about what you did and how it went!


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