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The category is ‘notorious gunmen of the 21st century.’

The question is, ‘who is the last person you would think should be tooling around in his vehicle with a gun?’

I’ll give you a second clue, ‘who is the last person you would think should be flashing a gun at someone in public?’

Clue number three, if you need it, ‘who is the last person you would think should be involved in a public altercation of any kind anywhere?’

If you haven’t guessed already I’ll give you three tries, which are two too many.

The answer a la Jeopardy style is ‘who is George Zimmerman?’

Apparently, however, Zimmerman doesn’t know the answer because on Monday he was involved in another altercation involving a gun.

He was injured inside his truck on a Florida street by a man with whom he had already had an ongoing dispute.

Zimmerman reportedly suffered minor facial injuries from flying broken glass and other debris when the man, Matt Apperson shot at him through Zimmerman’s passenger side window.

Zimmerman’s attorneys are claiming he’s the victim of road rage.

Attorneys for the other man involved, Matt Apperson, are claiming Zimmerman taunted Apperson by flashing a gun at him and that Apperson feared for his life.

That’s the same claim the same man made last September during a prior road rage incident with Zimmerman; that Zimmerman said to him, “Do you know who I am?  I’ll (expletive) kill you.

Keep in mind that this is only one of the five -now six- times Zimmerman has had run-ins with the law since he got off.

Three of the incidents involved this same man, two of the others involved his ex-wife and a girlfriend.

There were two in 2005 before he even encountered Trayvon Martin.

Who is the victim here?

I’m not sure.

Does it really matter

There’s an old saying that “trouble seems to follow some people wherever they go.”

George Zimmerman, however, seems to find trouble wherever he goes.

It’s high time he finds a better hiding place from trouble or stop looking for it or both; and soon, before he’s hiding in plain sight – a prison cell.

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