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Dear Tom,

My mom has been married to my dad Samuel for 56 years and is the mother of 2: my sister Charlotte and me.  She is a retired high school social studies teacher who taught “night school” to adults in the evening – she taught the “three r’s: reading, ‘ritin and ‘rithmatic at no charge – straight from the bottom of her heart.

My mother has been a faithful member of Westwood Presbyterian church since before I was born.  She does a lot of volunteer work for them.  She enjoys transporting members to various places whenever they need a ride…and weather is no obstacle – this woman has driven through heavy rain storms, unrelenting snow and rush hour traffic!

Her former students still say hi to her when they see her at the store or at church.  She has fed & clothed more individuals than i can count and have especially been there for my sister Charlotte and her family, as well as me and my sons plus everyone who has ever come in contact with her.

I am going up to see her in Louisville for the Kentucky derby next weekend.  She is coming down to Atlanta for her grandson’s graduation from Atlanta A&T and her grand-daughters high school graduation.

After all of the pomp & circumstance is over, I would for her to go on a weekend cruise out of Florida. She loves an adventure, and the Caribbean will never be the same once Hugh Ella pays a visit.

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