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Mellie’s political aspirations hit a snag, David makes a move against B613 and Olivia’s evolution comes to a screeching halt on this week’s Scandal. David has decided to put his powers of being the Attorney General to use and go after the blood thirsty secret agent gang B613.

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David’s Plan For Justice Derails

While Rosen has Huck’s detailed account of being part of the dangerous organization, he still needed more, and by more we mean Jake’s cooperation. Jake wasn’t trying to head to the Upper Room early, even after David offered up full immunity. This resulted in the part-time Navy captain getting violent with David. Rosen just can’t catch a break, can he?

Family Loyalty

At OPA, Olivia was hired by congressman Nick Reed, who attempted to get his father George off death row.  George was convicted of murdering his 14-year old daughter’s teacher 15 years earlier, when he discovered the 29-year-old man had an affair with his little girl. When the math teacher broke off the relationship, the troubled teen committed suicide by hanging herself.

Nick maintained his father was innocent and lied about everything, because he was grief stricken. Liv and the gang felt as if George covered for someone, and it turned out he took the blame for Nick! George tried to deflect Liv’s accusations, but she countered with the evidence Huck and Quinn located: the gun used to kill the teacher.

The two found the gun inside the sleazy teacher’s old house and ballistics confirmed it was the well-preserved murder weapon. Nick confessed that his father took the rap and threatened to kill himself if Nick spoke up. Liv convinced Nick to do the right thing and clear his father’s name.

Jake’s Solo Act

Huck, Quinn and sneaky Charlie teamed up to help David nail Jake, who seemed to be trying to clean up loose ends with B613 and anyone who was associated with him. The ragtag team managed to find agents who worked with Jake in the past, and convinced them to help bring down the former Command head. OPA secured the agents in a safe house for protection.

Too bad Jake tapped David’s office and learned about the entire plot to take him down. Jake snuffed out the potential snitches and warned Huck and Quinn if he wound up taking a dirt nap, so would Liv. The teacher/tutor lovers both agreed Liv’s life was far more important than B613 heading to court.

David upped the ante and decided he’d testify to witnessing Jake murder Cyrus’ late husband first hand. Later, David was shocked by Jake, who saved him from being whacked by his assistant Holly, who was part of B613! It seems Holly killed the witnesses in the safe house. Jake informed David he had a target on his back, because of his quest to dismantle B613. He warned they had to be careful on how they proceeded.

Meanwhile, Huck attempted to fill Liv in on Jake, but she stunned her right hand man when she told him she was aware of everything going on. She stressed they all needed to work together.

Twisted Sisters

Over at the White House, Mellie’s country-fried half sister Harmony came to D.C. as part of the First Lady’s plans to nab the Senator seat in Virginia. Child, there was no love lost between the sisters.

While Harmony visited her sister, she pushed every button Mellie had at their first meeting in years. At dinner, the two engaged in a serious war of words while Fitz looked on. Mellie outed Harmony’s mother for being a whore who stole their father from Mellie’s mother.  Harmony countered and checked her sister stating that she wasn’t pure as snow like she’d have people believe. What is Mellie hiding?

After the dinner from hell, Mellie wallowed in her hooch to Fitz about him not acting in the “First Lady” role at dinner to squash her beef with her sister. Not for nothing but, Mellie, ain’t that your job to keep the peace? When Harmony geared up to depart the White House, Fitz had Mellie’s back when he lied and claimed his wife was jealous of Harmony. He informed her Mellie lashed out to mask her pain. Fitz really is in the right business with that line of B.S.

Daddy’s Home

Liv was about to kick back and unwind at home when she received a visit from her side-dude, Franklin and ROWAN! It looks like Daddy Pope hasn’t washed his hands of Olivia and B613.


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