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A couple from Houston, Texas was disappointed to find out a photo booth at their wedding captioned pics of their guests with a derogatory slur. 

The couple, who tied the knot in August 2012, hired James Evans and his company Premier Photography to bring an attendant and a photo booth to the event for guests to snap fun pictures during the reception, according to ABC13.

Guests took photos in the booth, but a number of them were labeled “Poor N*gger Party.”

Embarrassed and hurt, the couple (who has chosen to stay anonymous), is suing Evans for breach of contract, negligence, and mental anguish over the offensive caption. The couple says the caption was supposed to say their names and the date. The breach of contract is also for a memory stick they never received documenting the ceremony.

Their attorney, Cathy Hale, says the couple is also owed a sincere apology.

“They trusted this company to provide them with a service on their most important day and what they got was the complete opposite they got a slap in the face. Every time they think about their anniversary, they think about this. It’s never going to go away.”

Evans and his lawyer denied any wrongdoing and refuse to believe the couple suffered any mental agony over the incident. If both parties don’t reach an agreement on a settlement by April 2, a case will be set for July.



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