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Apparently, there is only a tiny window for a woman to marry that’s considered the “right time.”

This is because younger women in their 20s feel pressured by parents and friends to focus on education and career first. The idea is to establish yourself in the world BEFORE being “distracted” by love…..

The answer—when she finds the right man!

The best thing you can do when looking for love is honor a great match when you’re lucky enough to find one. According to the US census, the average age a woman gets hitched is 26, and 28 for men (in 2012). Whether you are younger or older is not what matters; that is just statistical data.

What does matter regarding your decision to marry and the timing? Here’s a good checklist to reflect on:

  • Do you love each other?
  • Do you respect each other?
  • Do you have fun together?
  • Does he treat you well….

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