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Dear Tom,

My daughter is a proud member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, she is also an entrepreneur of a mini-mart and a small boutique; and is an intern at one of Philly’s top law firms.  She also sponsors an annual coat drive for the elementary school that she used to attend, along with a toy & food drive every thanksgiving.

It all sounds hunky dory, but she has had to overcome a horrible obstacle in her life.  She married her best friend Lamont in 2008.  Her daughter, London, was not even a year old when they received the news that she was pregnant, and that’s when he was murdered during a home invasion.

By the grace of god, the 2 killers fled and left her and her baby unharmed and Lakierra was able to testify against them – they are currently doing life in prison.

She was very distraught & heartbroken but the murder of her husband drove her to study criminal justice and i am proud to say that my daughter is about to complete her master’s degree from the university of Baltimore.

Lakierra works very hard and is dedicated to her 2 kids.  She makes certain that they are well taken care of and have whatever they need.  Spring break is next week and she has never been able to take advantage of the time off.  I think a family getaway to somewhere fun like Orlando with her 2 kids would do her right.


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