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Is it better to confront his suspicious behavior head-on or do a little I Spy work first? Our experts weigh in.


By Dr. Suzanne Lopez, The Latina Love Doctor

While you should enter into a relationship totally trusting your partner, when you get that unshakable feeling that something is up, trust your instincts. Snoop if you really want to find evidence to support your suspicions — and if you are willing to take the appropriate actions if you find what you are looking for. Never snoop to create unnecessary drama. Never do it because you want attention, you’re in the mood for a “sexy fight” (read: makeup nookie), or you need him to show you that “he cares.” Don’t be sneaky or jealous, because that never works. If you ask your man if he’s cheating and he denies it, overreacts by verbally attacking you, and calls you a loca, something’s definitely up. Take a look at his behavior. Is he accusing you of cheating when you’ve been as faithful as a nun? Has he started hanging out with someone new? Did you accidentally read something in a text or….

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