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Dear Tom,

I really need a Christmas wish for my wife, Marion to help her get back into the work force after dealing with breast cancer and chemotherapy.    She was in the Information Technology (IT) field and got caught in the layoffs back in 2002.   After that, she just couldn’t find a job anywhere, so we started our own small business delivering medical supplies from Raleigh to Charlotte.

Marion drove 1500 miles a week, until March of last year when she totaled the new van we had just purchased on a patch of black ice.    We had to close down the business after that and we have been in a downward spiral since.    The most heart wrenching thing happened to us last august when Marion was diagnosed with breast cancer.   We were shocked because cancer didn’t run in her family and at 55 years-old she was in excellent shape.   On September 25th, she underwent a double mastectomy.

We figured since they found the cancer early she wouldn’t need radiation or chemotherapy.   Sadly, her cancer has been very aggressive and so has the life-saving treatment she has been receiving.     Her last chemo session will be April 7, 2015.

A few months back, Marion became very dizzy and stumbled into the cord of the laptop, causing it to fall to the ground and break.  She was crushed because she knew she would need a computer to job search online in her field, as soon as she is medically cleared.    We have been under enormous financial pressure for quite some time, with no end in sight.   So, it is vitally important that she finds a job as soon as she can.   However, without a computer that is impossible.

It is my Christmas wish to ask you for two urgent “gifts” on behalf of my wife.  The first is for the computer and the second is to catch her up on her phone bill, which she will also need to seek employment.

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