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Before you get too worked up, I am totally, completely kidding—I would never, ever leave this near-perfect manover his lack of musical love for one of my favorite artists. But isn’t it funny how the littlest things, the tiniest differences or irritants, can drive us to wonder if we’re dating a crazy person? My girlfriends totally got it, and they’ve had a few funny I-can’t-be-with-this-person moments too.

“He doesn’t like popcorn,” one said. “Not movie theater popcorn, not kettle corn—nothing. He also can’t stand the smell. However, I consider popcorn to be one of the basic food groups. I mean, that’s a big obstacle to overcome. ”

“I once went on a date with a lawyer, and about halfway through dinner, I realized he had really small hands,” a friend said. “They just looked ridiculous on his body. I got the creeps imagining him….

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