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The Good: Coming home from work to a piping-hot meal and your man dressed in a chef’s hat and only a chef’s hat.

The Bad: The hottest thing you do in the kitchen is discuss the grocery list.

The Ugly: You’ve been in a stalemate over whose turn it is to wash the dishes for so long that your cabinets are bare and your sink is overflowing.

The Good: Spontaneous morning sex. And shower sex. And canoodling on the couch sex. Basically, living together is one big sexfest.

The Bad: You’re having morning sex and shower sex and couch sex, sure. But each sack session is becoming—excuse me while I yawn—routine.

The Ugly: You’ve become one of those couples who’ve stopped having sex altogether. And you’re not entirely sure you care.

The Good: You’re getting to know him so much better, like, down to his very soul.

The Bad: During late-night….

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