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Bill Cosby

Prior to nearly 30 women accusing him of various forms of sexual assault, Bill Cosby was in talks with both NBC and Netflix for upcoming projects. Netflix postponed its project, while NBC completely canceled any further development with Cosby. Friday, NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenbatt explained the decision to drop Cosby’s project.

‘Fifteen women came out and accused him,’ Greenblatt told an assembled audience at the Television Critics Association. ‘He hasn’t been proven guilty of anything; but when that many people come out and have similar complaints and it becomes such a tainted situation, there was no way we can move forward to it.’

Greenblatt noted that Cosby and NBC were developing a script, which hadn’t yet reached the completion of a first draft. The NBC chairman also added that he’d heard similar allegations over the years and was aware of a previous settlement. When asked if NBC would never work with Cosby in the future, Greenblatt replied, “I think that’s safe to say.”

Cosby has maintained his innocence since dozens of women began coming forward in November of 2014 accusing him of sexual misconduct. The actor and comedian has continued his standup comedy sets amid protestors, hecklers, and additional allegations. One Wednesday, January 14, 2015, model Chloe Goins became the latest of Cosby’s accusers to join the list.

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