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  1. Falling in love too fast: Romanticizing, fanaticizing and reading between the lines can scare a good man. Ignoring and making excuses for a man’s bad behavior can allow the wrong man into your life.
  2. Clingy, insecure behavior: Men can smell a needy woman’s agenda quicker than he can smell prime rib.
  3. Fearful, self-protecting behavior: It causes a woman to appear unfriendly and aloof. A woman who is paralyzed at the thought of intimacy, causing her to be afraid to show interest in a man, will block the development of a relationship.
  4. Talking about money: A man is leery of a woman when her biggest interest seems to be about money and possessions.
  5. Losing your “mystery”: Sharing too much personal information too soon can squelch a man’s desire to pursue you for a second date.
  6. Calling and chasing a man: Out of eagerness or insecurity, a woman will impulsively call a man, rather than waiting for him to call her first.
  7. Caving in for sex too soon: Yes, we are modern, empowered women, but a man needs time to develop strong feelings for a woman. Sex-too-soon can short-circuit an otherwise promising relationship.
  8. Dating for money and position: A woman who commits or marries for possessions and status may later find herself yearning for the love and intimacy that is absent in her relationship.
  9. Talking about the men in your past: A man does not want to compete with the men in your past—dead or alive.
  10. Drinking too much: Don’t try to convince yourself that you “didn’t act stupid” when you drank, when truthfully, you did. Imbibing too much can wreck your chances with a great guy, along with your BMW.


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