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The deadline is getting closer and if you are still Christmas shopping here are some ideas to get you through the holidays with everyone enjoying the gift you gave them.

1. Probably one of the hardest tips is to keep in mind who you are shopping for. Always remember that you are not shopping for yourself unless the recipient likes evrething you like.

2. Try not to just give out gift cards. Studies have shown that people aprreciate personalized gifts

3. Do not become so over the top when shopping. So over the top that people aren’t able to utilize the gift you got them. Keep it simple and make sure it’s a gift that is easy to use.

4. Do not assume. Make sure that you are giving away gifts that people would actually like.

5. You don’t have to buy big to impress. If you give the recipient something small that they’ve been wanting they will aprreciate the gift just as much as a fancy gift.

6. Spend Time rather than Spend Money. Studies suggest that some people would perfer to spend time with family or loved ones than recieve gifts.



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