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  • You never have to go anywhere. Leaving your place is just dangerous! If you go outside, you could get frostbite. Or slip on some ice. Or get impaled by an icicle like Christina did in Grey’s Anatomy. For safety’s sake, it really just makes more sense to stay in bed with your significant other. The fact that it also happens to be quite a comfortable way to spend your time is just a bonus.
  • Soups, stews, and chilis. Cooking together is an adorable bonding activity in the first place. Making a hearty meal goes the extra mile. It feels like you’re really taking care of each other, much more so than when you team up on a summer salad. I can’t help the domesticity of it all.
  • Coziness is in. You look a special kind of gorgeous in sweaters, boots, and scarves. He’ll fall in love all over again.
  • You get to catch up on pop culture together. Let’s just rename winter “binge watching season,” shall we? It’s the perfect time to take in entire movie franchises or series that you’re both excited to see. Start making your list now (reminder: every single episode of Friends is coming to Netflix on January 1!).

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