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  • Do your research. Ask your boyfriend the important questions: Is the vibe casual or more dressed up? Will the table degenerate into a screaming match dramatic enough for prime time if you mention the Middle East? When his sister bursts into tears because you ask her about her (absentee, unbeknownst to you) husband, you’ll wish you could go back and ask your boyfriend to warn you the topic was off-limits. Get the details beforehand!
  • Look perfectly put-together. Of course, you shouldn’t show up in a brocade skirt suit if they’re a sweater-and-jeans crew. At the same time, this is the night to make sure everything you’re wearing fits so well, you’d feel fabulous if you ran into either the boss or celebrity husband of your dreams. Accessories are an easy way to make even the most dressed-down outfit feel worthy of such a special occasion. I’ve personally got my eye on this creative way to wear statement necklaces in winter!
  • Bring something unique. After you’ve asked your boyfriend a bit about his family, make sure to find out what kind of gift they would all enjoy. Since it’s Thanksgiving, I always think it’s nice to bring something food- or drink-related that’s a little more creative than wine (although no one’s going to hate you if you bring a classic cab). A box of chocolate truffles or a side you made yourself are usually good options.
  • Give yourself an extra boost. Right before you meet the family, do a few little things that always make you feel extra confident. Maybe it’s getting your waves to fall exactly the right way or jamming to Beyonce’s latest release. If it reminds you that you’re awesome and puts a smile on your face, do it.

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