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If you care enough about the rest of the guy, there are ways to pleasure even the most high-maintenance member. Here you go:

Penis Princess #1: Performance-Anxiety Guy

This penis is eager to please. He really wants to be the penis he initially was during the heavy-petting stages of your initial hookup. But once the spotlight hits and the clothes are off, he gets a case of stage fright and freezes up.

Give him extra encouragement and a lot less pressure. Chances are, he is either nervous or too much in his own head, so his brain and his member are in direct disagreement. Help him relax with a massage and focus on stroking his ego before you start stroking anything else.

Penis Princess #2: The Foreplay Flounderer

This penis is all about intercourse. He can keep it locked and loaded for the main event, no problem. But the minute the focus turns off of him and onto you, he loses it.

While your guy is manually or orally pleasing you, give Mr. Impatient a steady stroke. You could even dabble in a light 69, if the mood suits you. If you aren’t in arm’s reach of his member, captivate his mind with some sexy words. Tell him how much you like what he’s doing and how you can’t wait to return the favor. Should perk the little guy right up!

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