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11/12/14 –

Dear Tom,

I’m writing in for my daughter, Ashley who is a really great person and wonderful mom to both her daughters.    She was laid-off from her job back in march of this year and really fell behind on her bills.    Her father and i tried to help as much as possible; but she is a proud woman who would rather do things on her own.

Thankfully, Ashley found another job in late august, which helped her get back on track.    However, two weeks into her new job, as she was leaving work and crossing the street, she fell into an open man hole.   The fall caused her to be hospitalized for almost two weeks due to a serious bacterial skin infection that spread deep within her legs.

Ashley was not paid during her illness, because she was still in her 90 day probation period.  She had to return to work against doctor’s orders, because she had no other choice—she couldn’t afford any more time off.

Now—her rent and other bills are way past due to the point that she has received eviction and turn off notices.

Mr. Joyner, my Christmas wish is to ask for your help in catching my daughter up on her rent, so she and her kids won’t be evicted and they can have a Christmas in their home.   Ashley just needs a helping hand to get out of this hole—literally and figuratively.


CHRISTMAS WISH: Barbara Robinson was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

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