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11/11/14 –

Dear Tom,

My husband Terence Hurd is an incredible human being. We originally met while serving in the U.S. army at fort Sam Houston Texas; we were both17 years old. He had a huge crush on me, but I ignored him because of rumors he was a player-player. We were both reassigned to different duty stations.

Five years later, while in Florida, we bumped into each other at a night club. Needless to say, we were shocked…and he remembered my whole name. It turns out we were both newly divorced with a child. He had an 18 month old daughter and i a 6 month old son.

Mr. Joyner, after 2 years of dating we got married, that was 20 years ago. While my son knows his biological father, he refers to my husband as “dad” because of all he does for him. He has always supported the children and i. he’s the first one up to make breakfast and the last one to bed. We gave birth to a daughter and he dotes on her daily. She is a senior in high school and plays the quad. He makes sure to attend every game and encourages practice. Our daughter is 5′ 4″, 115 lbs and the only girl that plays percussion in the entire county!

For the past 9 months Terence has been seriously ill. In April he was diagnosed with masses on the liver, in September cancer of the base tongue. He has had two major surgeries and will be starting daily radiation and chemotherapy for 7 to 10 weeks. He has lost 26 pounds and is on heavy pain medication but has the spirit of a champion.

Mr. Joyner, my husband is no longer able to work and worries. Please help me make this difficult time a little more comfortable for him. Due to his weight loss, none of his clothes fit. This award would rekindle his spirit and give him something to look forward to.



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