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The dreaded N-word has reared its ugly head again.

This time it’s the NFL trying to ban the use of the word on the football field.

The punishment ranges from a minimum of a 15 yard penalty to a multi-thousand dollar fine.

The word has no doubt been used in the league for years but came to a head last year when several players, white and black, were caught using it on and off the field.

Add that to all the attention the NFL received because of Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Aaron Hernandez and Richie Incognito, the league is now more than ever determined to clean up its act and its public relations.

The policy started at the beginning of this season.

49ers QB Colin Kaepernick was the first to be fined $11,000 for allegedly calling an opposing player the N-word.

He denies it and is appealing.

Colin Kaepernick is black; as are many of the players who have used the word and who stand to be penalized for using it in the future.

And that’s the biggest problem with the NFL faces in implementing the policy.

The people who use the word most in the league are black players calling each other N-ers or N-as.

The people who will mostly be calling for the penalties or fines are white.

Many of the black players and black commentators are uncomfortable with that.

So my commentary will be short this morning because that right there sums up everything that I have been saying for a long time about the proliferation of the word.

Use it at your own peril.

Some people will make money on the word by lulling other people into thinking its ok to use it.

And some people will lose money by buying into it; a lot of them apparently, black, professional football players.

I’m not the word police.

It’s your business.

I’m tired of debating it.

I don’t care to talk about it anymore, but I’m sure I will have to because of what I do.

But can I just say? I told you so.

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