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Cell phones are definitely getting characters in Shondaland in trouble this week on both “Scandal “and “HTGAWM!” I am certain that many of us suspected, but were not 100 percent certain, that Annalise Keating’s (Viola Davis) husband Sam had something to do with Lila’s murder. The inferences were plentiful in previous episodes that there was some tie between Sam and Lila, and now we may know just what that suspicion of ours is based upon. But, before we get there, let’s take a look back at Rebecca’s “confession.”

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Wes has done a great job pissing Professor Keating off due to his “big mouth” which she feels led Rebecca to confessing to Lila’s murder despite her innocence. He is quickly taken off of the case and ordered to never speak to Rebecca again. As suggested in last week’s post, Professor Keating sought to keep Rebecca’s confession from being admitted to the court by arguing that she was coerced by the prosecution. Based upon the written form of Rebecca’s admission, her bail was initially set at $1M. Once Keating’s team was able to get a copy of the actual tape, it was clear that someone in the room made firm suggestions to Rebecca regarding what they believed happened to Lila. Keating employee, Bonnie Winterbottom, does a phenomenal job procuring a copy of the videotaped confession despite the prosecutions concerted efforts to keep it away from them. Bonnie even brings Keating’s ex-bae Detective Nate into her pursuit of the tape, by noting to the sergeant that there appears to be interest in other suspects, namely Nate’s search of Sam’s car. After another hearing based upon the videotaped confession, Keating was able to get her bail lowered to $100,000, which Rebecca only had to pay the standard 10 percent of that to get released.

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In addition to the Rebecca confession issue, Keating and her cohorts are hired to defend a wealthy day trader, Marren Trudeau, who has been accused of insider trading due to her sexual relationship with the CEO of a pharmaceutical company. After pleading her innocence to Keating, her longtime friend and attorney, the gang gets busy interrogating every employee of the company, which was quite comical, as they believe someone inside of her company set her up to fail. After utilizing what appears to be his ongoing unscrupulous mechanism to get information, Connor has a tryst with Paxton, the longtime assistant of this highly successful female trader, and sets up an audio recorder which catches a confession of sorts to persons within the company. After being confronted by Keating, the get along gang, and his boss, Paxton decides to take his own life by jumping out the window. This clearly shakes Connor up and causes him and his boo Oliver to butt heads due to the tryst he shared with Paxton which started all of this. While giving instruction to her classroom, Keating tells her students the rules for deposing a witness. Her tactics include lying and beating the truth out of them, which seriously violates the Professional Rules of Responsibility and Model Rules of Conduct. Keating then sets up “depositions” to question the remaining employees, utilizing said tactics, and quickly traps Talia and Jimmy for the arrest of setting Marren up for insider trading. Problem solved.

We also FINALLY have a student showing concern about an upcoming exam in another class, which is torts. Michaela expresses her interest in obtaining an outline of the class from Laurel and Asher, both of whom shade her to the high heavens for her requests. In law school, the outline you are able to study from basically can make or break your grade, which is always based on your final exam at the end of the semester. Outlines are passed down from previous students, and sometimes at a premium cost. You definitely have to be “in” to receive an outline from someone who previously received an A in a particular class, as A’s are given to only a few due to grading curves.

Despite all of this action surrounding Rebecca’s confession, Trudeau’s insider trading issues, and the students freaking out about an upcoming exam, one of the most poignant moments of the episode comes after Wes produces the phone that was left in his bathroom by Rebecca to Keating. She quickly asks him who else has seen the phone and declares to him that no one else needs to know.

Sitting at her vanity, Keating strips down and removes her wig, makeup and jewelry, which is reflective of her exposing herself at a most vulnerable point. As her husband Sam enters the room, she calmly turns to him and asks him “Why is your penis on a dead girl’s phone?” GOOD DAMN QUESTION!!

I guess we will have to wait until next week to find out.

Was your jaw on the ground with last night’s twist? What do we think Annalise is going to do to her husband next week now that he’s been exposed? Discuss! 

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